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The Cash Back

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The blockchain platform for instant settlement and micropayments of cash back rewards.

What’s wrong with the traditional cash back model?

The cost & time it takes to get savings into consumers wallets.
Bank fees make it impossible to do micro-payments. Processing fees eat up all the value!

By building our settlement engine to interface with the Ethereum blockchain we've created an instant settlement platform that not only cut our own costs, but it enabled us to settle micro-payments and keep an immutable record!

What is CashBag?

CashBag is more than just a rewards website, it’s a tool that helps savvy, savings conscious shoppers earn cash back and secure discounts on just about any online purchase. It’s used by active online shoppers, businesses and just about anyone that’s interested in saving when shopping online

CashBag on desktop & mobile

CashBag has an Android Application and a Desktop Helper App (Firefox Safari Chrome) which once installed automatically alert consumers to savings when shopping online.

The site is mobile optimized and our Android App (iOS launching Q4) enables consumers to browse and search for products and services on the go.

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How CashBag earns revenue

CashBag has partnered with hundreds of global merchants and continues to onboard new merchants daily. These merchants all agree to share revenue based on transactional income generated by CashBag online shoppers. Through our direct & network integrations with the merchants we’re able to report transactions in real-time and accrue cash back savings for our members.

Token Issue

CashBag operates in multiple global markets. We have a roster of over 150 active advertisers, with more than 685 in the queue for integration. We expect to expand to include 2500 merchants by Q2 2018 as we enter more territories.

Members earn cash rewards when shopping online at participating merchants. These cash rewards are paid by the merchant and tracked by CashBag through our sale tracking integration with each merchant. New members select from a base set of currencies including USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, ZAR with support for more currencies being added as we enter new markets.

Members can earn CashBag sponsored incentives based on their activity, transaction volume and social sharing of the platform. By integrating our wallet to blockchain settlement we create a mechanism to speed up cash back settlement and incentivize our members by allocating them a token with a real world supported value which can be traded, redeemed and used across any ERC20 wallet supporting partner.

Members can opt to receive their cashback in their native currency or convert at ruling market price to CashBag Tokens and store their savings in our ERC20 compliant wallet. Similarly, they can cash in their CashBag Tokens and receive fiat payments in their native currency.

Token Use

There are several commercial and end user applications for the token. Depending on the user requirements, the token can be used either to store or transmit value or redeem for services within CashBag.

Tokens are referred to as CBC (CashBag Coins)

Trading The Token

The token can be freely traded, exchanged and sold. CashBag will honor the crowd sale issued tokens for advertising services at the guaranteed discount rate through the smart contract rules.

The token will trade on multiple exchanges and as an ERC20 compliant token may be stored in any compliant wallet and used for purchases.

Business Case

Our Advertiser

The token can be used to purchase advertising inventory on CashBag by redeeming it through the advertiser interface. The token is transferred through a smart contract in return for advertising services and the services are delivered through the platform.

During the initial token sale the minimum redemption price will be guaranteed through a smart contract, so that the token can be redeemed against advertising at a future date up to 48 months, at the issue price.

Using tokens to buy advertising inventory

Ad inventory is available in various formats including but not limited to Product Listings; Merchant Store Listings; Display Advertising; Location Based Advertising; Coupon Redemption.

Product / Store Listings

In this relationship and advertiser integrates their ecommerce or physical in-store Point-Of-Sale solution to credit members who purchase using either a member referral link (pre-coded to identify the member), a uniquely identifying coupon or the linked debit card. Advertisers will predominately use CBC to pay for transactional advertising, commissions and rebates on sales generated as well as promotional advertising space, newsletters and incentives to members.

In App & Web CPC Advertising

In this relationship merchants can reach consenting members with targeted advertising, relevant to their prolife, interests and needs. Direct recipients of the advertising earn CBC for viewing and acting on the advertising, effectively driving up engagement and rewarding members for their attention.

Members can change their interests, opt out of the advertising entirely or by category, interest or advertiser, mute the advertising for a period or any combination of the above.

Location based Advertising

In this relationship merchants can reach consenting members with location geo-fenced notices delivered via mobile devices, relevant to their interests and needs. Recipients of the advertising earn CBC for viewing and acting on the advertising, effectively driving up engagement, rewarding members for their attention and action.

Members can change their interests, opt out of the advertising entirely or by category, interest or advertiser, mute the advertising for a period or any combination of the above.

Our Consumer

To ensure mainstream adoption we intend growing our member base from our current
135,000 members to +10M users in 36 months

We will launch a multi-market marketing campaign built around the CashBag Token(CBC) to generate awareness of CashBag, our Token and its intrinsic value, which non-technical consumers can understand and embrace.

We’ll use token sale funds to drive this advertising campaign, while using the incentive token allocation to drive activity and new member adoption. Each new member that joins is allocated CBC 10 when registering on the platform.

History, Roadmap & development plan


Core Application Development and Alpha MVP

BizDev secures initial +100 merchant partners

Beta development & live site launch.


CashBag Soft Launch South Africa

Organic growth to 180 merchants

Development Continues

Platform supporting Multicurrency Wallet Development

Desktop toolbar Development

Q1-Q3 2017

Stage 1 Targeted Customer Acquisition (EMEA / USA / APAC)

Investigate high yield focus markets for expansion marketing plan.

Android App Launch

Merchant base growth to +500

User adoption growth to 130,000 members

Scale staffing, systems and business processes

Planning for product evolution to decentralized architecture and blockchain implementation.

Tokenonomics finalization & implementation research.

Build MVP advertiser smart contracts.

Q4 2017

Token sale architecture & smart contract development including token buyer/ member wallet launch.

Q1 2018

Advertiser Transactional Advertising & Member Wallet Integration

Launch Advertiser Self Service Portal including wallet enabling token-to-advertising transaction processing and currency = CB swaps through smart contracts.

Launch expanded member interface showing token values, cash and cash equivalent values and tools for executing swaps, redemptions and withdrawals.

Q2 2018

MarketPlace & Core Market Expansion

Launch CashBag marketplace, integrating merchant data feeds with 150,000 distinct products.

Launch AI Natural Language UX independent shopping assistant

Stage 2 Targeted Customer Acquisition (EMEA / AUS / NZ)

Q3 2018

Native Ad Engine

Launch ad engine including audience targeting, ad creation and redemption of CBC for advertising spend using smart contracts to execute advertising buys on the platform

Stage 3 Targeted Customer Acquisition (US / CA)

Q2 2019

Launch Debit Card

Launch linked Debit Card in US Market, with other markets to follow


Extend marketplace to enable members to list and sell their own goods in a secure, high trust environment using smart contracts to execute and guarantee transactions and delivery.

Add Social Tools, enabling direct peer-to-peer (member-to-member) communication & transactions, including gamification elements to drive adoption, usage and social sharing of the platform, merchants and products featured on it.

As cashbag evolves we envision the service becoming an invaluable and trusted part of members everyday life.

Why Contribute?

Our token sale is an opportunity for early adopters to participate in a crowdsale of redeemable tokens with a guaranteed advertising redemption value.

After the initial token issue is fully distributed no further tokens will be created and the company will buy back tokens to issue as incentive rewards to members.

CBC price will follow Hartwick’s Rule where through our buyback program the tokens will maintain liquidity and increase in value over time as more users enter the ecosystem. Due to scarcity and the limited supply we anticipate that the unit price of CBC will rise as demand, driven by member earnings, increases the price.

CashBag will pay its members incentives using an incentive ratio, currently 10:1 (one tenth dollar value equivalent in CBC to each dollar cash back earned). This incentive will be funded from profits and purchased on the open market.

Token Issue information

We will issue a total of 367,000,000 tokens. A maximum of 120,000,000 will be sold at 1 ETH:6000 tokens.

Crowdsale Bonus Tokens Tokens / ETH limit Start Date
PRESALE 40% Bonus 1ETH: 8400 (2000ETH) Ended
WEEK 1 20% Bonus 1ETH: 7200 Ended
WEEK 2 15% Bonus 1ETH: 6900 Ended
WEEK 3 10% Bonus 1ETH: 6600 Ended
WEEK 4 NO BONUS 1ETH: 6000 Now open

The Team

Jonathan Miller
Co-Founder / CEO
Kirsty Henderson
Co-Founder / Business Lead
Eugene Benade
Co-CTO / Software Development
Nicolaas Venter
Co-CTO / Systems Engineering & Software Development
Jonathan Meanwell
CMO / Business Development & Advertiser Sales
Divan Bower
User Communication & messaging
Maggie Benson
User Experience & Front end design
Ryan MacGeoghan
Analytics and Data Science
Marc Kenigsberg
External Advisor
Boyan Josic
External Advisor

Ethereum as a platform

  • Seamless experience, enabling members to earn rewards globally
  • Simple, intuitive & easy to use - tracking own rewards & earnings
  • Transparency & accountability with seamless immediate execution
  • Cut down on cost & time

Why use ERC20 compliant tokens

Ethereum has created an ecosystem where everything works together seamlessly using tokens to power the network. Ethereum based tokens allows exchanges, crypto wallets, and smart contracts to know in advance how any new tokens will interact on the system.

In addition, ERC20 defines six the functions that allow other smart contracts to interact within the Ethereum network creating an immutable transactional environment.


What is a CBC token?

CBC tokens are a new Blockchain based digital token based on the Ethereum technology and is ERC20 compliant.

Does the token represent ownership in CashBag?

No, the token does not confer ownership or any rights associated with investment. The token is redeemable against advertising services on CashBag or freely tradeable.

Will there be a follow-up offering?

No. We will not have a follow up offer and no additional tokens will ever be created.

Is there an Escrow account?

No. We’re an existing revenue generating & profitable company, already have integration partners and a team of software engineers. The crowdsourcing funds will be used to advance our timeline to grow our existing business.

What amount is being raised?

We will sell a maximum of 120,000,000 CBC Tokens. Once our goal has been achieved the crowdsale will end.

What crypto-currencies are accepted in the crowdsale?

ETH is the only acceptable token.

You will be required to have an Ethereum wallet pointed at the token crowdsale address to participate in the initial sale. CashBag tokens are Ethereum derived tokens and comply with ERC20 standards.

If you hold Bitcoin or some other crypto-currency, you can exchange it for ETH and use it to participate in the crowdsale. Please do not send coins from an exchange, or they may disappear.

Are CashBag tokens transferable?

Yes. Once the crowdsale ends you may trade or send tokens to any ERC20 compliant wallet. Exchanges may list the token.

Tokens will also be redeemable for products and services through CashBag’s advertising interface and integration partners.

Are CBC tokens securities?

No, CBC tokens are not securities, they are a token used to purchase goods and services. CBC tokens are non-refundable. CBC tokens are not for speculative investment. We do not make any promises of future performance or value with respect to CashBag, including no promise of inherent value and no guarantee that CBC Tokens will hold any value.

CBC tokens are not participation in the Company and CBC tokens hold no rights in said company. CBC tokens are sold as a functional good and all proceeds received by Company may be spent freely by Company absent any conditions.

CBC tokens are intended for experts in dealing with cryptographic tokens and blockchain-based software systems.

What is the price of the CashBag token?

CBC tokens during the crowdsale will be on a fixed ratio to ETH. Once the crowdsale is completed, the value of CBC tokens will be determined by supply and demand on the open markets. The initial exchange rate will be 1 ETH:6000 CBC + Bonus.

Contact & Support

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

As noted, CBC Tokens are not being structured or sold as securities or any other form of investment product. Accordingly, none of the information presented is intended to form the basis for any investment decision, and no specific recommendations are intended. Company expressly disclaims all responsibility for any direct or consequential loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from: (i) reliance on any information contained in this White Paper, (ii) any error, omission or inaccuracy in any such information or (iii) any action resulting from such information.

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